Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Women's Time Out

On Saturday I was able to go to the Women's Time out that Deseret book puts on. I had such a great time! About 24 women from my ward went. One of the highlights for me is that Hilary Weeks was the host, and I have loved her music since I was in high school! i would listen to her every time I studied in High school and College. Anyways I also learned that she is from Alaska! needless to say it was a small star stuck moment for me.
I had a great time being uplifted by the spirit, and felling rejuvenated, like now I can take on anything!


Bowdy and Stephanie said...

Sounds like fun! So are you liking your ward up there better than Chicago?

camielle said...

How fun...I love Hilary Weeks too and your night sounds wonderful. I think that those little spiritual boosts are definitely what keep us going!