Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My cousin tagged me, so here it goes....

Some quirky things about me or Ryan.....

One weird thing about me is I can be a real obsessive clean freak about some things, not that it's a bad thing but some of it drives Ryan crazy.Like when I vacuum the lines have to be perfectly straight, or it drives me crazy! When he vacuums it's all over the place and when he's done and leaves I'll do it all over again (even though I know it's clean)cause I can't handle looking at the all messy lines.

One of Ryan's would be ( to me any way) his obsession with talk radio. Not that it's bad or anything, but it makes me thing of my dad, or grandpa, and so I associate it with some thing older people do, not us young folks, but what ever floats his boat!

Another one of mine is also like my two cousins the magazines, except for until just the last couple months I would buy them on a pretty consistent basis. Not every week, but pretty frequent! I got hooked on them when Ryan was going in for treatment and it was on a weekly basis, so I was really addicted. Like Lori my last gym before we moved had a freebie pile and I loved that thing! My new gym doesn't have that, so for a while I was in serious withdrawal... but the treadmills have their own t.v.s so I found the E channel and I get all the gossip I could want while I work out, when ever there is something really juicy I can stay on forever!

So Ryan can be a clean freak in somethings, but why some things bother him and others don't it beyond me! Like he hates crumbs on the floor( as do I, and with three little ones I feel like I should have a broom attached to my hip!) But dirty counters don't phase him in the least! To me they are one in the same, but maybe that's just another one of my weird things. For him the floors must be clean all the time, but the counters could stay unwiped for weeks and I don't think he'd bat an eye at it. And if any of you have toddlers imagine days worth of PB J's and chicken nuggets and ketchup on your tables and bar.... nasty! (doesn't happen very often cause I end up cleaning it, But I got a taste of it when I was sick for a few days a couple weeks ago and I thought I'd be scrubbing for weeks!)

This could probably be on a lot of girls lists...Chocolate! I'm seriously addicted! The sad thing is I don't think I can pin point a favorite, I like it all! Halloween was so dangerous for me! I told myself one candy a day, next thing you know there was like 10 wrappers on my counter, all from me! Sad I know, that's when I have to tell myself that's why I work out!I am doing much better now that there is no more Halloween candy, And I'm doing really good at telling myself no every time I'm at the store.

One more for Ryan, he is probably the most obsessed fantasy football player you'll ever meet! Most wives love weekends, but during Fantasy I can't wait until they are over! He gets so into it and it's either a happy day( when he's winning) or a really bad day when he's not( which has been the last three games and they all have been really close so it makes it even worse!) everyone has something they are into and this would be his! Along with college sports mainly football and basketball. So pretty much the only time he's not on the computer or watching a game is in the spring and summer! :) I still love him with all my heart though!

So that would be a few things about us! I'm going to tag Cassie, Steph and Camielle...can't wait girls!


RichFamily said...

So, we are going to be heading up to Logan for Christmas also. We all need to get together sometime so we can see each others kids. It seems like we haven't seen you guys forever.

The Belchers said...

What is Ryan doing treatment for? Allan has two same things are Ryan- talk radio (NPR) and fantasy football