Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back into the swing of things!

After the holidays there is the cleaning, putting away decorations and just trying to get back to the daily routine, and for some reason it is taking me a lot longer this year! I blame it on the deep freeze that we are in at the current moment! I'm hating it and can't get warm to save my life! My sister who lives in Houston tells me to be grateful cause I'm actually looking forward to summer where she's sitting at 80 degree weather right now and is dreading the summer! I suppose it's all relative and there's going to be a down side no matter where you live.

On a different note Kylee has sucked her thumb since she was two months old. It's never bothered me cause she very exclusive about it, like only in her bed, in the car only if she's extremely exhausted, or if she is really upset. So it's not that often and never around people. Brandon was an avid pacifier boy and I took it away this summer cause it was starting to mess his teeth up, cause to the contrary of Kylee, he was constantly sucking that thing! About 2 weeks before we left for vacation, he saw Kylee in her rare moment sucking her thumb in the car and decided he'd copy her. He thought he was so funny! I thought no big deal, but then he started to do it every time we got in the car, then came the trip and now it's back to the pacifier, except it's his thumb! I think he realized it's just like the paci, but better, mom can't take this away! I was hoping that when we got home he would stop, that it's just a phase, but I'm losing hope. I ignore him hoping he'll stop, I've used the "it's not bed time take that out" approach and nothing is working! How does a boy at two and a half just start sucking his thumb?!? Oh well what do you do!?
Brandon in all his glory! With his pants in the background. They never stay on his skinny little body!


Sandy said...

Let me know if you find a trick to get him to stop. Connor does it and I have no idea how I'm ever going to break him of the habit...luckily it's only a tired thing like Kylee.

Anonymous said...

He looks so cute doing it though. Oh well is right...what can you do? If you figure it out, let me know...Ash is my first thumb sucker and I dread the day I try to get her off of it.