Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Movies...and the aftermath!

I don't know if this is just my kids, but the twins are into watching one movie over and over, then on to the next for about two weeks of watching everyday, and so on!I remember Caden did the same thing. Well right now the obsession is Thumbelina.(Kylee's pic of course) And she gets her way most of the time cause the boys would rather watch it than hear her scream! So the've adapted some of the characters( namely prince Cornelius) to Peter Pan! They also have picked up some serious dance moves! Poor Caden, he's getting tired of watching this movie everyday!
Caden: "Mom but we've already watched this tons of times...all the days!"
Me:"Well Caden one time you did the same thing with Monsters Inc."
Caden: " Well maybe, but not this crazy many times!
How cute is he?

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Bradeigh said...

Hey Katie! Your kids are getting so big and cute. How fun. Isaac is going through the stage of watching the same movie over and over. First it was Shrek, now it's Curious George. The one good thing about it is that I am always sure if I need some time to get something done I can put on the movie and he will sit and watch it! I like your blog and like seeing what you guys are up to!