Saturday, March 22, 2008

Family Visits!

So we had a blast the last two weeks with all sorts of family visiting! Holly and Garrett came to check out a school, which they have decided to go to so that means I get to live by my sister! yeah! Then My parent dropped off Annie while they headed to D.C. for a school trip with Sadie. I got a whole week with my younger sister getting to know each other better and of course she did plenty of playing with her nephew Caden! The following weekend my family returned and spent 4 days with us. We hung out, watched movies and of course had to check out Mall of America! ( BTW Ashley Simpson was performing when we went, worst voice ever! sorry if you like her, but without the studio she sucks!)The kids had a blast. They redid the amusement park all Nickelodeon style with a bunch of new rides. We had such a good time! I was really sad to see them go!

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