Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Kylee and Brandon!

Caden with his new brother and sister!
Brandon Peacefully sleeping

Kylee getting some rays in the incubator!

Proud new Father!

I can finally breathe! Aren't they the cutest babies?!?! (and no those are not tears in Kylee's eyes, it's Vaseline, not idea why, I was too tired to ask)

I can hardly believe that my little twins aren't so little anymore! What an adventure it has been the last 3 years! For those of you expecting twins, or know someone who is, let them know that although the ride may be rough, a blur at times and chaotic, it is well worth it! They have been such a joy to be in our family! I can't wait for more twin excitement and joy that they bring to our family! We love you Kylee and Brandon!

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Melissa Tate said...

Look at how little they were! It seems like they should only be one or two. AHHH, time flies when you're having fun! They really were cute babies. I'm glad that you're having another one, when you make cute ones, you should definately keep producing. :)