Friday, November 21, 2008

What I am greatful for...

I decided that instead of complaining about this pregnancy I would post some of the positives!

1. I am enjoying being pregnant in the winter much more than the summer, not near the swelling I had with the last two!

2. These last months although very uncomfortable are flying by with all the holiday activities! Some days drag and are not fun, but before I know it the week has passed and I'm that much closer to the delivery date!

3. I'm never cold! This morning Ryan was freezing and I felt just great! Usually it's the other way around so it's nice not to be freezing my butt off in this cold weather.( at least in the house, going outside is still not fun yesterday very windy and windchill of 9 degrees, that's never gonna feel good!)

4. Last but not least once she's born I can lay around in sweats and baggier clothes and not feel frumpy like I did last 2 times in the dead of summer! So by the time summer does hit I'll at least be pretty close back to normal, and not feel so self conscious about being in a swim suit.

I'm supper excited to meet this new little girl that will be joining our family. She is REALLY active and sometimes I think there is twins in me cause she NEVER quits moving around. The kids ask everyday about her and how they can't wait until after Christmas cause then she'll be here!
Kylee the other day asked how she was going to come out so I decided to tell her the truth... I think at first it might have traumatized her, but after explaining she was ok this was the conversation:
Kylee: Mom how's du (the) baby going to come out?
Me: Well the doctor is going to cut mommies tummy so she can get the baby out.
Insert Kylee's eyes as wide as can be
But don't worry she'll put a big band aid on Mommy and Mommy will be really ouchie for a while but it will get better, and you'll have a sister.
Kylee: Is you gonna bleed???
Me: Maybe a little but that's why I'll get a band aid and you'll have to be a big help cause mommies gonna be ouchie.
Kylee: Ok, I"ll feed the baby and put she's clothes on and change she's diaper for you!
Then she walked away. I hope that wasn't to inappropriate to tell her that, now maybe when I get home she won't want to climb all over me as much knowing I told her I'll be really sore...and maybe not:) only time will tell I guess!

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Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

OMG!!!!!!!! that is the most precious story ever! You have the cutest little girl ever!@ I can't wait to see you guys!!! LOVE yOU!@