Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving, first snow and what else...cute kids!

I am finally posting our Thanksgiving weekend pictures, life is just getting crazy! I'm starting to nest big time and so any spare moment I have from being a mom I am de-cluttering closets rearranging furniture and getting the babies room ready! We had a great thanksgiving. The boys played in the turkey bowl ( church flag football) and had a blast. They do it in the fields right behind our house, so while I cooked I got to see all the boys and grown men play football. No serious injuries this year, just a few lost toenails!(ouch!) This picture is the best and sums up what the rest of the day was...FOOD! So I have now decided that I need to get new dishes, cause this is what one of our friends ate off of, although there was no complaining! He loved that he could fit everything on his plate! We had a great time chatting playing games and of course stuffing our faces with food!

We had our first snow a couple of weeks ago, it didn't stick around long, and as you can see our one little tree was just refusing to let the leaves go!
Kylee and Brandon found one of daddy's sweatshirts and thought it was so funny to put it on and spin around! They are such characters and so much fun to be around!

Kylee showing how the spin is done!

Caden started wrestling practice a few weeks ago and loves it! He got his own head gear and wrestling shoes! He especially loves the head gear he wouldn't take it off for days! We got in the car to go to a friends house and I asked him why he had it on? His reply: Well just in case I bonk my head on their play house in the basement, that way my head will be safe! What a funny boy!

And this is Caden writing is very own letter to Santa! We is loving school and is doing so well! He reads and writes pretty good and they are now taking him once a week to an advanced math class! I'm so proud of my little boy!


Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

Your family is so cute and fun!!! I can't wait to see you! PS are you registered anywhere? Let me know what you need sister! I LOVE YOU!!!

Tina said...

That Thanksgiving pan/plate is hilarious!! Love it!! And I am so impressed with Caden...I can't believe you have a child that can already read and write!? sheesh!! :)

Melissa Tate said...

Lost toenails?? Seriously? Nasty! Your dinner looks like it turned out good though. And your kids are adorable...as always. :)