Sunday, May 31, 2009


Just a small rant, but why does it seem like when I'm about to purchase something big that I want(not a need) that things that are necessary break?!
I'm just about to sign up for this gym for the summer mainly for their outdoor pool. Something to do with the kids and their daycare is fabulous! Caden would actually beg to go instead of me begging and bribing him to go. They have basketball courts, a computer center, out door play yard, seriously the best. Anywho so after we make the decision to join for the summer, some siding is coming of our house, too high for us to reach with our ladder and it's like a two minute fix, but will end up costing a fortune! Some shingles blew off during a storm we had a few weeks ago, those need to be repaired, and this week my washing machine broke! So I'm not sure how much it will cost to fix it, or if we'll need to replace it!:( Thanks to my good friend Sandie who has so graciously let me use her washer we do have underwear, or I was gonna have to go commando today at church!)
So now I'm feeling guilty about the gym, but I guess that's why we're told to have a savings or emergency fund. So that we can do fun things with our family, and when things decide to break down that's what it's there for! I just wish things would never break, and that services were free!:) Only in a perfect world right!


kylee said...

Bummer. Everything always happends all at once doesn' it. Atleast you'll have a fun summer at the gym! And hopefully while you're there you'll forget about all your worries at home :)

Tina said...

I hear ya! It seems like every time we finally have some extra spending money, someone needs a root canal...or a car needs some work...or something else comes up!? But don't feel bad about the gym...that is a summer necessity for SURE!! :) Just enjoy it!

Tina said...

Hey Katie, my mom wants to be able to see your cute blog. Could you add her to your list? Her e-mail is