Sunday, May 24, 2009

Very Cute Kids

This is sweet little Caden! Notice the eye, it looks even better now all black and blue and yellow. This is what can happen when playing with little brother and swords!Oh and 2 weeks ago he lost his first tooth! He is feeling very grown up now. I need to get a picture of that!
Kylee if she's not happy and smiling, you'll encounter this Diva face. Although she is getting better and not throwing so many fits, she still has her girl drama down pat!

Brandon, or sometimes known to be called, Bran Fran the Iron Man! He loves that little nickname by the way! He's my tender hearted little boy! I'm surprised he's not sucking is thumb in this picture! How do I get him to stop!?

In the first month of her life any bath picture would be of her screaming, she hated them! Now she absolutely loves her bath time and as soon as she hears the water running she starts kicking her legs in excitement!

This is what I have been finding lately! Help! Not another thumb sucker, I already have 2! It's not as constant as Kylee did it as a baby so I keep giving her the pacifier, hoping this won't develop into a habit I can't break! But if I do say so myself it's so stinkin cute when they are this tiny!:)


Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

OMG! Katie they are so stinking cute! I can't believe how much caden is looking like his mommy:( Love and miss you guys! I am trying to find my camera to post some more pictures for you! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Nacey family said...

My six year still sucks her thumb at night but when I remember to put a cloth band-aid on her thumb......wah-lah, no more thumb sucking!