Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family Fun!

These next few are just some random family fun photos!
Hanna got a laptop while here and Kylee thought it was sooo cool!
Kylee letting Kenadie suck on her finger:) (Again don't look at her hair, yikes!)
Caden playing with his Bionacles!
The twins love Brooke!
Me and Brookie!
Sadie with Brooke
Brooke loved Auntie Hanna!
Our last night together we messed around with the camera and watched some T.V. together, great girl bonding moments!
We're too cool! LOL!
Say Cheese!
Nice sweet smilin' sisters!
We had such a blast with family here! My kids have been a little lost the past couple of days not knowing what to do with themselves! And quite frankly neither have I! After I got my house clean and back in order, I'm feeling a little lonely! It was great having all the company! It sucks sometimes not living by family, but them i count my blessings that we are able to talk on the phone everyday and see each other at least once a year. I thought of this when we were in Nauvoo, how some of them left west knowing they would never see some of their family again. I'm so grateful for technology: phones, cars, airplanes, that make it possible to live thousands of miles from my family and in a day I can go from here to Alaska! It's amazing! Without it I don't think I would have ventured far from my family, and I wouldn't have had the amazing opportunities in life that I've had or met the wonderful husband that I have! I'm grateful for eternal families and I love mine to death!

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