Saturday, December 12, 2009

Husband + Purdue Sports = My Weekend Entertainment.

Tonight while I was cleaning and getting ready for Sunday, and my trip to the Last Frontier,
I listened to my sweet husband, yell, shout for joy, clap, (small curses),
as he watched his beloved Boilers play.
It's always so much fun to listen to him when they play.
It is a great day when they win. Tonight's outcome. Thank the heavens.
It would have been a bad couple of days if they would have lost.
Which, I left the game cause I thought that was going to be the case. I know little faith, but they were down by 16 and being around him when they are loosing is not fun.
It's more fun to listen from afar.
But alas as I sat at the computer I was hearing more cheers and shouts for joy than yelling, and sure enough he came up grinning ear to ear, and over the moon!
I love my crazed Purdue fan. He's so cute.
P.S. Purdue is ranked 5th!

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