Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random ramblings from Katie

Prepare for an update overload when I get this bad boy in a few weeks:
Yes I am getting a new computer and I can't wait!!!
On another note:
Sometimes I wonder why we live here.
This is one of those days. Well yesterday was too.
After Lifetime, I went to Target cause my family was starving.
Almost literally. We had next to no food.
I parked fairly close to the front of the store.
As I came out and loaded my groceries in the car I thought my hands were going to fall off.
And my face. It was awful.
Today is no better. My thermometer says 1 degree. I'm sure with wind chill it's about -15.
I don't want to even check. Too depressing.
I think this will be a day of staying inside, baking, snuggling in warm blankets.
And taking care of poor Brandon who is sick.
I am so ready for my kids to be healthy. We had practically no illness last year, but I think we're making up for this the last 2 months. I've hardly had 3 days in a row without someone being sick. Spare me!
But at least I'm getting a new computer!:)

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