Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM

It was My MOMS birthday yesterday.
A big one in fact. But I'll spare her the embarrassment.
Well if you ask me it's not at all cause to me she doesn't look her age one bit!
I am just grateful to have such a wonderful mother.
I'm glad I get to talk to her on almost a daily basis. It makes me happy!
She really is the best mom anyone could as for. I hope I can be a good of mom to my kids as she is to me and my siblings! Happy Birthday mom!!!!


Megan said...

I'm so glad I found you again!! You changed your address and I couldn't get to your blog forever and it makes me so happy to read about your family again!! Yay! Miss you tons!

Taffy and Tony said...

Happy Birthday, Lila! You're GGGRRREAT!