Friday, February 26, 2010


I love all moments in life. Even the sad, bad or ugly.
Only because they make the happy ones more memorable. You cherish them more.
Because being a mother is what I am, these happy and sad/bad/ugly come with my children.
Some examples:
I VERY happy Brooke! She has discovered my cabinets/ drawers in the kitchen and this makes her HAPPY!
This makes me happy to see her happy, but oh so frustrated that I clean up after her 20 times in a day. Me taking her away from her happy place produces this:
Very sad Brooke throwing her little baby tantrum.
This makes me happy! These faces brighten my day and make being a mom worth while.
They are the cutest kids on the planet. (of course I'm slightly biased)
This makes me sad. Brandon was SOOO sick yesterday. I think he threw up 20+ times. Not to mention he was flowing from the other end as well. I was exhausted! I don't think I've ever cleaned up so much puke, and wiped a butt so many times in a day.
He's my wild man and to see him down was no fun!

When my kids hit milestones in their lives, I am a beaming, doting mother! Caden lost his tooth while we were at the game. The next morning he was so excited to see the tooth fairy had come and paid him a handsome reward for his little tooth. I asked him if he had done his reading homework before bed; his response to me was:
No mom I had to go right to sleep or else the tooth fairy wouldn't come!
I love my boy! I can't believe how big he is! I'm so proud of him!
I'm so grateful for all these little moments in my life! Even the puke, and temper tantrums. They make the day's when nothing goes wrong so much more memorable and makes me fall in love with my sweet children even more than I already am!

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