Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness Baby!

We are definitely in the march madness zone in this house!
I think there is a count down to when it starts.( really to when Purdue plays their first game.)
Ryan is trying to take a half day since they play at 1:30 in the afternoon.
I have never before been a huge basketball fan.
NBA or college. I like it, just never a huge gotta watch fan. if I caught a Purdue game great! If not it was no sweat off my back.
Ryan has always followed it since we were married.
Filled out his bracket every year. Watched intently while I went about doing my own thing.
The past year or so I've been trying to get into the things he enjoys more.
I've always tried to get him to do and watch things that I want.
And while he does, ( and sometimes he's sure a trooper! Watching the bachelor is NOT is idea of a good time)
I'd always get annoyed that he wouldn't try harder to just want to spend time with me, even if it was some dumb show (aka the hills... or one most like but he doesn't care for IDOL...)
Then it hit me, that I don't get in gaged or ask him about the things that he loves. Other than going to Buffalo Wild Wings when it's fight night, but that's a win for me cause I LOVE their wings! Oh so good!!!
So as the college season started and their was so much hype about how good Purdue was going to be, I decided to make it time to spend with Ryan.
And while I did not catch every game, I probably only missed a handful. (unlike last year I think I saw one, and maybe not even the whole thing.)
I think I became a true fan. Not just cause that's who my husband is rooting for.
Now I'm no where near in the same category as Ryan when it comes to fan status. The few games they lost I was sad but, 2 minutes later I had other things to think about. Where 2 days later he was still griping about it.
Or when it was oh so unfortunate that Robbie Hummel was injured, and at the game we were at no less. (hearing him yell in pain was not fun...) I mustered up faith that they'd be OK without him. Ryan, I think is still mourning his untimely end of the season.
All that being said it has been so much fun to spend this time with my sweet husband and I actually have been enjoying myself! We even started watching this documentary type reality show that followed the teams in the Big Ten throughout the season. Which made it all the more exciting for me, cause I felt like I got to know the players on a personal level, making the games even more fun to watch.
I can't wait for this tournament to start!
Our Brackets are filled out.
Bring it on Ryan...may the best man win! (Oh yeah we're competitive like that!)

On another March Madness note:
This month has been madness!
We went from winter weather...
To this:

60 Degrees and sunny! The kids are loving it.
Brooke a little too much! She's been yelling at me non stop. Cause Kylee and Brandon have spent every waking moment outside, and she thinks she should too.
Only mommy has thing she has to get done:(
But when we are, she makes the most of it!
Brandon did not forget how to ride that bike from last summer!
In fact I think he's even better!
He really is the cutest little man.

We also started the dreaded lets not suck our thumbs process.
The first night was really rough. Kylee and Brandon were so excited when I painted the stuff on their nails.
But when bed time came all hell broke loose.
Brandon did better last night, as well as Kylee.
But then this morning, Kylee came down stairs and was sucking her thumb! Wha?!?!?
I had coated that thing like you wouldn't believe.
And believe me the stuff is NASTY.
So I asked her if it was gross:
Nope I had a bath so it was gone! ( I put more on while she was asleep...huh???)
So I carefully touched my tongue to see if it was gone.
NOPE. Throw up in my mouth now!
So apparently the nasty bitter taste has not deterred her from this habit.
She told me she'll quit sucking her thumb when she's 5.
We'll see.

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Megan said...

Your kids are so cute! I love little Brooke in the drawers and everything. They are awesome!