Thursday, June 3, 2010


So I now am at ease.I slept GREAT last night.
As some know I work at Lifetime. Very part time. But I love it.
It gives me an outlet, in an environment I love. A free membership(wahoo!!!). And a network of awesome friends and coworkers.
Well my very awesome boss had told me she was going to give me a few more hours this summer since I was down to about 4, sometimes only 2 a week. Yeah I thought.
Until I went in and got my schedule and panicked, slightly.
I was working 4 days a week in the mornings, totaling 12 hours, plus probably having to pick up shifts here and there. Yikes!
I left a little overwhelmed. Trying to figure out how this was going to play out, or workout.
The great thing about my job is I can bring my kids with me. While the older three would have been fine, I was really worried about Brooke.
Because if I worked those hours, used the gym to workout and to take the kids to the pool, we would NEVER be home and Brooke would once again (poor girl) get the shaft.
Now that being said, we will be practically living there this summer anyway, it was just making it to the point that we would basically come home to sleep...
So this brought on my sleepless night.
I went in the next day to work to tell them of my concerns. That I felt that I needed to put Brooke first, and even though I may be at the club during those shifts, it gave me the freedom to leave if Brooke needed to go home.
Between work, working out, swimming, swim lessons, and training for my marathon this fall, this summer is going to be crazy enough!
I was so nervous. I really dislike confrontation, or the thought there could be one.
But like I said my boss is awesome and totally understood and dropped some of my shifts.
I can breath, think and SLEEP again!
I still am a little overwhelmed with how insane my summer is going to be!
I surely thought the older my kids got the less busy I would be, but I am quickly finding out that it is quite the opposite!
I truly am happy for the job I have. I have met people I never would have met otherwise and get to work with some great kids.
So here's to a summer full of fun times!

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