Friday, August 6, 2010

Hanna Banana!

Today is this ones birthday:
She's quite sassy let me tell you!
I still remember very clearly the day she was born. Her coming into the world woke me up.
So I then woke Holly up and we ventured out of our bedroom, to the living room where she was just being laid on my mothers chest. ( my mother was wonder woman and had everyone after me at home!)
I was 8. She was my doll.
Everywhere we went, I wanted to be "in charge" of her.
Which led to some mishaps.
She loved to stick her little fingers in between my teeth.
My front teeth were growing in so they fit quite nicely! But they were growing, so one of the many times she stuck her finger in my mouth, I closed my teeth not thinking a thing of it. Until she started screaming bloody murder, and my mom came running.
I felt awful! There was huge indent marks on her poor little finger. I thought I had almost bitten it off.
Another case in point, we were on vacation with grannie and grandpa, traveling through Mexico.
We were staying in this awesome hotel, that was an old castle.
There was a ledge that came up to my chest, and I had Hanna with me.
I had to do something(obviously very important) so I set her on it for just moment.
I turned my back and crash, she rolled right off onto the hard concrete floor.
It a wonder the girl has any brains!

Anyways onto present day! I am so glad she is my sister! She is so full of love, never wanting to hurt anyone. She has the sweetest spirit and is the most loyal person I know. Almost to a fault. She is also the little quiet sass of the family!
I love you Hanna face! Happy Birthday!

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