Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There were some changes made this past Sunday in our Stake.
We had a special meeting Sunday where 4 of the 7 wards in our Stake unit had boundary realignments made to them. Our ward being one of those affected.
In our church we don't just choose where we want to go. There are boundaries and those families living within those boundaries, make up that congregation. Then those units are formed into Stakes, and as a Stake we have other activities that we may all do together. For instance, we have semi annual conferences. Or the youth in those units have activities all together, and dances.
When we moved to Minnesota, our Ward( it was then a Branch, meaning there were fewer than 300 members on the roster) was very small. That summer we basically doubled in size with new move ins. The past year our building was remodeled and as soon as we moved back into it, we again were almost at capacity.
So we all knew that a split of our ward, or a realignment was bound to happen.
I just didn't think that when the announcement came last Sunday of this realignment, I would be so affected. Now I'm not saying I'm mad, or outraged my any means, but these are people I've gotten close to, and quite frankly feel like family to me.
I was sad all week. I couldn't get it off my mind. I didn't want to loose our awesome bishop. I didn't want to get pulled away from the young women that I have been working with over the past 2 years.
But as we met on Sunday for the last time, and those sweet young girls bore their testimonies of this gospel, it made me realize that even though this may be an adjustment, one thing that doesn't change through all of this is my testimony of the gospel.
I may meet in a new building, and go to church with different people, but that doesn't change what I believe to know is truth!

I know that my family is an eternal unit!
I have made promises and covenants to my Heavenly Father, and if I hold those dear to my heart, I can and will be with my family through the Eternities!

I know that my savior is the Christ. He is my redeemer.
Without Him, I wouldn't have a church.
I know, and take comfort in knowing that what ever pain or trial I am going through, he has felt my same burdens and then some. He is there for me, to lift me up and make me whole again!
He lives, and because of His sacrifice, we will live again too!

So I take this change in stride and look to the excitement of meeting new people and forming new friendships, and most importantly, getting to share my testimony with others and be thankful for the opportunity to worship in this great country that we live in!
Change is good!

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