Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Part Two

So it was a great debate in our house. To Trick OR Treat or not on Sunday?
Sunday's are a day of rest in our house. Besides going to church, we pretty much have a day of rest. Watch uplifting movies together, read books, color. Quiet things. So this was a dilemma.
One of us felt like it was no big beal. We go on walks together as a family, this wouldn't be much different, and we'd only be going in our neighborhood. Plus this neighborhood is FILLED with kids.... like you can't even close your door for about an hour that's how many come by!
The other felt like it just wasn't right. At the end of the day, we came to the conclusion that given our children's ages, and if we stayed together as a family, it was OK.
So we had to get official pictures of the costumes:
Caden the Jedi!
Kylee the Princess! ( this time she was Belle, Sat. she was Sleeping Beauty!)
Brandon the Batman!
Brooke the cutest cheerleader EVER!
The one house we did drive to was our sweet friend Sandie. The kids absolutely love her!
She's like their step grandma:)

So another year down! Happy Halloween 2010!

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