Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brooke is Two.

It's hard for me to believe that my little baby is two. That two years ago she came into my life.
I wish we could freeze time. Or go back and visit some of life's most precious moments.
Like this moment two years ago:
What an amazing day. It was still such a miracle even though I had done this two previous times.
She was so precious. And she still is.

This is quite possibly my favorite picture of Brooke and me.
Even though its not the best quality, I love it!
Going Home:

Brooke at two and a half months:
Five months:
Eight months:
One year:
16 months:
21 months:
Two years old!
I feel so blessed to have this little girl in my life, and a part of our family.
She fills our life with so much joy and happiness.
Our lives would certainly not be complete without our little "Z"!

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