Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Double Celebration Day.

Today is special. Extra special this year.
Not only is it Mother's Day, but it is also this day nine years ago that I married my best friend. Truly the best day of my life! I am so blessed to have married such an amazing person. It is because of Ryan that I can be the mother that I am. He makes my job easier, lightens my load. He is such a great example to me and to our children. I feel so lucky. I love you Ryan!
Aren't we just too cute for words?!?
So in love...
Happy Anniversary Honey!

And I have my wonderful mother to thank for the path that my life took. Without her dedication to being the best mother she could be to me, I wouldn't have been where I needed to be, to have the life that I have. My mother is amazing. I don't think there is a lady out there who works her fingers to the bone like my mother does. Well maybe my grandmother, but she comes in a close second. She works so hard for her family, and for others around her. She's dedicated to the Lord, and I feel blessed that she taught me how to put my trust in Him.
I love you mom!

And of course I wouldn't have my amazing mother, without the most amazing grandmother!
One word can really sum up my grandmother. Service. If you need a lesson in service, this lady is the perfect teacher. I feel so blessed to come from such a strong line of women. Women who dedicated their lives to their families and our Heavenly Father.
I hope we all take the time today to tell those women who have touched our lives how much they mean to us! happy mothers day!


Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

ahhh you guys are sooo cute!!! Love you and can't wait to see you guys and happy happy anniversary

Taffy and Tony said...

Truly a legacy of amazing women!