Saturday, June 18, 2011

Midnight Sun Races

Ryan got in Late Friday night, and we were up early the next morning to head into the Midnight Sun Half. This was the race I had to bow out of due to the dumb knee. So me and Hanna went to cheer Ryan, Mom and Carey along!
To make it less painful for me to watch, Hanna and I made bets as to who was going to win the 5 miler, and the half. We came close with the five miler, and nailed the half winner! He has fast! There was also this little kid that looked to either be fast, or just a running snob with all the gear. Well he ended our to be FAST! He was 13 and came in 3rd, with a time of 1:18. It was amazing.
The Kenyan above is the Marathon winner.

And here is Ryan coming down the home stretch. He killed it for his first half with a time of 1:46!
And of course my mom! She is amazing. She started having a injury the last couple weeks of training, and still ran in like a pro. Beating her previous time by 11 seconds!

All I can say is next year, next year this race is mine!:)
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