Saturday, July 2, 2011

More News from the Lake.

Saturday the weather cleared up and was really nice. Which meant more water time and way more enjoyable than the day before.
The kids loved being pulled behind the jet ski on the GT3. The Kayaks were also a big hit!
This is sweet Kade. He struggled a little on this trip. Poor little guy. Good thing he is so dang cute.
Playing in the water!
After the kids came in, Amy and I took the kayaks out for a stroll. Even though the weather was nice, the lake was still freezing, so I wanted no part of getting in. It was really fun rowing around and trying to keep balanced as to not fall in. If anyone know my cousin, then you know what happened next. As we started going in, I had a feeling she was going to try and tip me. And sure enough I turned around and she was gunning for me. We battled it out for awhile and while she did tip me first, I grabbed her on the way down and she went all the way under! Good times. Amy I will always win.:)

We headed back to the cabing for dinner, Stew and corn fritters, yum!

We also watched the men build a tent plat form. Such strong men.:)
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