Monday, August 15, 2011

Take me out to the ball game.

While Mark and Caroline were here, we were able to go to a Twins game. I haven't been to a twins game at all, coming from Chicago and going to games at Wrigley,
the dome just didn't excite me. But since they got their new field last year,
and our seats were 3rd row behind home plate,
who wouldn't want to go?!
We had a blast! They were playing the Red Sox which was a bonus as well.
Ryan and I in our AMAZINGLY comfy seats!

Mark and Caroline:

Ortiz up to bat. He hit an awesome home run!
Ryan enjoying the game:

Minneapolis Skyline:

Twins dugout just a few feet away!

So i'm not a huge baseball fan, so I don't know much about the players, but this guy seemed to be every Twins fan fovrite player, Mauer:
It was fun trying to get quick shots as the pitches came in!
To top off the night with all you can eat food and drinks the Twins won!
I think another game might be in store for the Ellis'!
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The Ellis Fam said...

Loved it! We'll be remembering that one forever probably cause we wont get treated that good again probably. thanks again for a memorable night and trip. Oh and Just in case Brandon forgot, give Caden a hug and a kiss for us. So happy and proud of him.