Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Best Friends.

Dosen't everyone just need a best friend? 
Of course they do. And poor Brooke has been so sad without her Kenners around.
As much as I have been without Holly. Sniff.
She has slowly quit asking if Kenners is coming, or if we are going there. She has even quit asking if she is still in Alaska. P.S. we need to skype more often!
But thankfully all is not lost. She just loves her good friend David.
They play so well together and keep each other laughing constantly.
It's super cute!
 So here's to best friends, everywhere!
You are loved and so important:)

And my goodness. Maybe the short hair is not so bad! Yikes. At least her hair is cute in a little head band and doesn't look like out of control Bieber hair!

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