Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 Saturday, sweet Shannon threw yet another farewell party. This was for the Ellis clan this time.
It was so much fun to get together with people from the ward (both EP and Waconia). 
I am really blessed with such great friends. And of course I made sure i got some pictures!

These are my girls from the Waconia ward. The ward I was part of for most of our time here.
They are my camping, adventurous buddies!

The other Katie. I keep saying I'm not getting too sad to say goodbye to her, cause it really is more of a see you later. She is from Idaho Falls, so we will get to see them again!
 Sweet Darla. My talented friend.
 And really what would I have done without Adriene?!
Minnesota is full of such wonderful people. So if you follow my blog, and may be contemplating moving to this state, despite the sometimes questionable weather, it really is a great place to live.
I learned a tid bit of info the other day.
Minnesota is the hardest state to recruit to, but also the hardest state to recruit out of. Once your here, it really is hard to leave.

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