Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break In SLC.

 We decided to head down to Salt Lake for our Spring Break. We could only handle so much of hanging out in the apartment. Plus we were so excited to see some family and friends.
We drove down Tuesday, and right as we got there we went to see the conference center. It was so pretty all ready for conference weekend. And knowing my luck, I had left my SD card in my car, so no pictures of that day. Boo.
The next day while Hanna was at work, we headed back down to temple square and explored all there is to offer. I could never get bored of going to temple square. 
The kids had a blast!
 All the trees had blossoms, making the grounds that much more beautiful!
After watching the Joseph Smith movie, we headed across the street to the new City Creek Mall. 
It is so pretty, seriously any girls dream. Ha.
The kids weren't cooperating when it came to bed time both nights. I had about had it, seriously. They finally fell asleep after much crying, and moaning cause they had lost the zoo for the next days activities. When I came in after watching a movie with Hanna and Sandy, this is what I saw:
Oh, it almost made me want to give them the zoo back. Almost.
I love my kiddos, even when they drive me crazy.

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kylee said...

Wow, you've been on the move since your move! I want to know where in IF your new house is! We are coming to Idaho to visit family in June and I'd love to come visit you! And I feel awful that I never called you back. It was a crazy time and then I lost your number...and I've changed mine since! I'll have to email it to you or something. Hope you are enjoying Idaho!