Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life of a Soccer Mom.

 I have now entered the life of a soccer mom. 
And quite literally this spring with all three of the older ones playing.
Because of our crazy life this is how Brooke gets her naps in these days:
Poor little lady. But I guess that's what happens when she's the baby of the family.

My month has been crazy, and I have failed at bringing the camera, until Caden's last game he had. So I finally captured what has been filling our afternoons five days a week.

Not the best picture due to the sun, but I thought it was a great action picture, and Caden right in the middle, and making contact with the ball!
After non stop sports since October with the kiddos, I will be grateful for the summer off... until we start up again in August.
It has been so much fun to see my kids play sports and discover things they love, or things they don't EVER want to do again. It's so much fun to be in this phase of Soccer mom. I love it!

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