Saturday, June 2, 2012


 Today was Ryan's first official TRI of the season. He has been gearing up for his Boise 70.3 race, and this was a good warm up race to get him ready for next weekend.
I was lucky enough to get to see him through the start, all transitions, and the finish!

He was too fast through his first transition, so I missed him going out on the bike, but here he is coming in!

Sprinting his way to the finish!

 He performed amazingly! I was so proud of him!
He finished in 1:05:54. His goal was 1:07 and he smashed it.
He came in 5th place over all. I was so happy for him!

Waiting around to here the results:

 An age group first place podium finish!

I call this the love of his life. At least for the season. :)
I think he is ready physically and mentally to take on the half Ironman!
So proud of this man.


Thompson Family said...

Oh my gosh! That is too funny! Was it in Logan? Cause I was looking up some people from my crossfit who did it and I saw Ryan's name and wondered if it was him. He did great!

Ellis family said...

Yeah we were in Logan for the weekend!
My kids weren't too happy that we didn't get to see you all!