Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Getaway.

 This past weekend we went to Salt Lake.
The main reason, was Ryan had a work conference and I got to tag alaong. Hanna and Sandy, and Mark and Caroline both helped watch the kiddos so I could get away.:)
We headed down early to hang out with Hanna and Sandy for a bit.

Both girls passed out on the way down.

I am so glad that I have such good little travelers.

Saturday, (after my first 20 mile run of this training season ), we headed to Seven peaks to soak up some sun, and PLAY!

Brookie loved the wave pool. That was her hang out spot.
 The boys were MIA the whole day going down every slide multiple times.

 After a few hours Ryan and I took off to go check into our hotel, and get ready for the conference.
The hotel was beautiful! And we had an amazing view from our room.

Ryan attended the conference, and I enjoyed sleeping in, laying out at the pool, and I also took a trip to Park City to to some school shopping. It was a great break and a great getway.
Monday I did go to one of the sessions.
It was a moderated Q&A with President Clinton, and President George W. Bush.
Who would pass that up right?!
Needless to say it was amazing. It was so surreal to be 50 ft. from two previous presidents.
They were both so inspiring to listen to.
Definetly the best part of the trip for sure!
Thanks to wonderful aunts and uncles who made it possible for me to go with Ryan.

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