Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Loves

I found this little gem today. Oh I love my girls. I love when they play together, and get along. 
It just melts my heart.

In other news, I enjoyed another morning to myself. I wish it was spent doing more fun things, but I had to head to a Dr. to get my legs worked on. Ugh. I have done so well this whole training season, and last week I had to take the week off due to some shin splints. Who gets shin splints at the end of training?! That would be me. I seem to have gotten that under control, and feeling great, but now my IT band is flaring up some, and I still haven't found someone like my Dr. Chris back in Chaska. 
It's a little frustrating when I know exactly what will make that go away in a day, but can't find someone here who does it... Oh well. Needless to say with all of this, I just need to get through this week, and then the taper begins. Less that 4 weeks away from race day! I have trained so hard for this day to come, I can't believe it's just around the corner!? I can't wait to get together with all my friends, run our races, and celebrate together!

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