Sunday, October 28, 2012

Provo Fun.

 Friday we headed down to Provo so Sadie could see the BYU campus.
We had fun in the student center. Especially Brookie. She fits right in with the bears. :)
 We enjoyed some sunshine as we waited for her as she toured some buildings.

After being on campus, we went and has some fun on Jump On It!
I had to sit and watch again, but I had fun doing it and taking a ton of pictures.
Brooke loved the foam pit!

Caden had so much fun on the rope swing.

They had a good game of dodge ball!

 Aunt Hanna having so much fun with the kids!

 Sadie rented a board, and that provided lots of entertainment!

What a fun couple of hours. So much fun having family in town!

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Holly June said...

LOVE Jump On It! :) And love seeing pictures of my old campus. Oh, the library!!