Monday, December 31, 2012

A Look Back at 2012

There have been many ups and a few down's for 2012.
The biggest up, and down was a move across the country, back to the west!
Minnesota was really growing on us, and we had practically raised our kids in Chaska up to this point. We bought our first house:

I was so sad to leave my home...

We had to say good bye to great friends.
Kylee and her bestie Haylie.

Really life would not have been the same without my dear friend Adriene, and her whole family.

Annie. Seriously made me such a better runner! Our kids had so much fun together. So hard to leave such a best friend.

And my dear Tracie. The only thing that made leaving her easier, was that she was leaving as well.

Buying a new home! Loving the extra space, and HUGE yard! Having our home so close to other family has been so awesome!

We had an awesome trip to Yellowstone. Our kids loved camping, and seeing all the wildlife.

We had some visitors from Chicago!
Just love the Mobergs. It was like we had never been apart.

Another huge accomplishment for me running! Marathon #2 and so much fun.

Ryan had a GREAT TRI season here in Idaho, Standing on the podium just about every race!

Some cousin reunion when my family came down for a visit!

After a lot of ups coming our way, we were hit with a huge down.
My sister relapsed and is going through chemo all over again. It's been so hard to watch her get sick every treatment. It's been hard to watch her and Sandy go through what me and Ryan went through 10 years ago.
Despite the few difficulties we have faced, I feel so blessed. I am grateful to have the Savior in my life. I am grateful for families.

Most of all I am so blessed to have these five people in my life everyday!
That these children call me mom, and love me unconditionally.
That I have an amazing husband, who loves me, supports me, and most importantly loves his Savior.
Here is to a wonderful 2012, and hoping for more happiness in 2013.

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