Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tommorrow.

 The last time Hanna had Cancer, she was one of the lucky ones, and her hair stayed in tact. This of course was one of her questions to the Dr.'s this time if she might be so lucky again. But since this treatment is much more aggressive, they gave her no shot at keeping her long locks.
And sure enough, a day after telling me it was still going strong, she called me to tell me that it was falling out. She had a friend come over and have a shaving party with her. And what an amazing friend she is, as she joined in and shaved her head right along side Hanna!
And I may be biased, but I think my sister is a beautiful bald woman!

 It didn't take long for other family members to join in and show their support.
Brandon was the first to join in!

Caden then decided he too would join the skin heads:

And my pops as well:
Notice my dads violet ribbon to show his support as well!
Hanna, you have so many who love and support you!

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