Friday, January 11, 2013

Geography Bee.

 Caden was chosen to participate in the schools Geography Bee this past Thursday.
They choose one student from each class.
Thankfully I was volunteering in Kylee's class, and saw that it was happening, or I totally would have missed it! That dang Caden never tells me whats going on in his life...

Caden is the third from the left:

Both Ryan and I were so amazed and shocked at the questions this kid got right?!
I had only studied with him for maybe a total of 20 min.
There were questions I for sure he was going to miss, and he would just rattle them off.
At this point Caden had one question wrong, and the two on the end (6th graders) had two wrong.
Once you had three questions wrong, you were out.
The next question, all three got the answer wrong. Making the 6th graders battle it out to face Caden in the championship round!
I seriously couldn't help laughing at how much this kid knew. I never saw him study for it on his own.

He ended up loosing in the championship round to a girl in our ward.
I was so proud of him.
Before it started, they explained that if you won, you could go on and compete in Boise. If you won there, you could go on and compete in Washington D.C. This is for 4th through 8th grade.
After the competition was over, Caden says to me:
"Mom, I have four years to get to D.C!"
And no doubt this kid will do it.

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