Thursday, March 7, 2013

Trip to SLC #50

 Well, or so it felt like it. But hey when family is around, I will be down!
I went to SLC to see my mother one last time before she headed home, and to see Hanna again.
Hanna got the cutest little puppy named Cassie, and we couldn't get enough of the little pup!

Posin with my little sis.

And my mom.

We know how to work it!

Cassie is a champ at tricks!
We went on walks, went and looked at mummies at the museum, got Hanna hooked up with projects to keep her busy, and watched T.V. A nice and relaxing visit with my sis and mom.
Hanna also had an appointment with a radiologist, and it looks like she will be doing radiation therapy. She was pretty bummed about it, but the Doc told her to look at it like extra insurance to keep this away once and for all!

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