Sunday, April 21, 2013


 This has been quite the week.
Started out as any normal week, only this time my spent my Monday run on the treadmill glued to the Boston marathon. Oh it was so inspiring, and made my run fly by. I was oh so close this past fall to qualifying for this prestigious marathon. As I watched the winners cross, and then those top elites, my desire to get to Boston grew. I wrapped it up, jumped off and hurried to shower and get Brooke from pre school. I followed closely on my phone, friends I had running, cheering them on each time a new split was posted. I know how hard they trained, and Minnesota was not kind this winter! I got on facebook to congratulate those who were done, when I saw all the posts. My heart stopped.
The next hours were spent glued to the T.V. and texting friends to make sure they were all safe.
Thankfully they were. I was just shocked. Saddened. What was to be a day of great joy and accomplishment was clouded over by a horrible act of terror. While my friends were safe, there were countless others who were not. And lives lost. 
Friday was another day spent glued to the T.V. as they shut down the city of Boston to capture the persons responsible.
But we must go on. We must be strong for those who are not. We can not be defeated.
The running store here in Idaho Falls put on a memorial run last night. I was touched by those that came out to support Boston. Runners of all kinds, walkers, and children. All there for one purpose. To show support.

Leisle, Natalie and me ready to run our 26.2 laps around the track.
I think I can speak for many who have a new found desire to run Boston. Not only to say you have BQ'd, but to show the world that we are strong.

Here is to Boston 118.

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