Monday, April 29, 2013

Willardson Fun.

 We have made many trips down to Utah since living here in Idaho just over a year.
So what was one more, to celebrate Joey Graduating from BYU, and some time with my family?!

Brooke thought she was a doggy just like Cassie:)

My kids didn't quite enjoy sitting through graduation, but they did pretty well all things considering!

After graduation we headed up to Midway, where we got to stay in the most fabulous cabin! My kids spent the majority of the time in the hot tub. Naturally.

Ok so the place was more like a mansion than a cabin:

 There were rooms enough for all the adults, and the kiddos slept on the sofa beds. It made putting them to bed so easy! I just turned on a movie, and because they were going 100 miles a minute, it didn't take them long to fall asleep.
 We would then pop a movie on for us adults upstairs! Heaven.

The girls went into town one day, and the girls begged me to get them nails. I caved.
They lasted all of a few hours.

We played to Crochet. Super fun!

Somehow no pics of me or my mom. We were there. We even got to go on a run together!
It was pretty easy to say good bye since they will be down again in July for the Oberg family reunion!

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