Saturday, May 25, 2013

Out for the summer!

 The last couple weeks before school was out, I took each kid to have their own special lunch with mom. Only thought to take a picture with Brandon, who happened to be the last lunch date, 
but you get the idea.

I was dropping Kylee off at the school after a Dr. appointment, and the Office lady asked if I was going to stay for the Award assembly. Love of Caden tells me things...
 This kid is so smart, and works so hard. He had the third highest amount of math points in the 4th grade, that being said, he was in 2 libraries higher than the other two. Where did he get his brains?! Def not from me!:)

The last day of school, was a short fun field day, then over to the neighbors for a fun ice cream, snow cone party with some awesome tunes! The kids had a blast!

Kylee fell in love with this kitty!

This doesn't even begin to show how many kids we had! Well over 100 I'd say!
Bring on the summer!

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