Sunday, June 9, 2013

Boise 2013 70.3

Ryan was brave enough to sign up for Boise 70.3 again after last years horrible weather conditions.
This year was the complete opposite! It was gonna be a toasty one.

Boise dosen't start until 12pm, so I was able to get my morning run in. I had a fabulous run along the river, which was part of the run course, so it was fun seeing them set up for the big event.

Around 10 we headed up to Lucky Peak so Ryan could get prepped for the race.
Caden was a pretty good trooper seeing there was a lot of sitting around.

Ryan stayed with us for awhile, then got in line with his age group start.

This is Ryan's age group beginning there 1.2 mile swim. I love this picture cause you can see the others who had started ahead, all along the swim course.

Ryan came out of the water in a decent time and looked super fresh and ready to take on the 56 mile bike course!

It took us FOREVER to get out of the reservoir, and so we headed to get some food at the finish line and see the Pro's finish up. It just amazes me the athleticism these people have!
The winner coming to the finish line.

After that we sprinted to the Bike in, and run out. Just in time too as Ryan was coming in right as we walked up!

Around mile 8 I ran with Ryan for about half mile. He seemed strong but was starting to feel the race.

The run course was a loop so we were able to catch him on a few parts of the run.
We headed to the finish to cheer him in for the final stretch.

 Considering the HOT condiditons, Ryan had a fanominal race! He finished with a time of 5:25. Pretty amazing considering his first full finished 70.3
This placed him 19th in his age group out of 130 or so that finished the race.

HE definitely pushed himself to his limits. This is what he did for a few hours after finishing.
 Once he started feeling somewhat himself again we headed out to get some food and get some calories back in his body!
 It is an amazing feet racing a 70.3
Anyone who does it is a rockstar!

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