Monday, August 26, 2013


 This past weekend Ryan and I were able to go down to California for a little play, and a wedding.
Well I played while Ryan worked, and then we partied it up with family for Joey's wedding.
We stayed in Newport the first night, so we drove by the temple.
I seriously could never get bored of these amazing buildings. They are all so unique, but have that same special feeling.

The next day, my friend Sandy came and picked me up for a day at the beach. 
I hadn't seen her since we both moved from Chicago 6 years ago, so it was super fun to catch up.
Food is always a part of travel, so after a delicious lunch, we took her kiddos to sprinkles... really it was for us, but we'll pretend we were treating the kids:)
 It was heaven. Yum.
The one fun thing about moving around, and having friends that move too, is it seems no matter where I go I know someone. Thanks for letting me hang with ya for the day!

Friday was the big day.
I couldn't have been prouder of my little bro.
He sure has the sweetest wife. So glad they found each other.

The reception was at a beautiful winery resort and spa.

And my little nieces and nefews stole the show dancing up a storm!
It was the cutest thing ever!
Once I get some of the other pics back I'll post them!
A major highlight was getting to spend time with my bestie Tara.
I seriously love that girl! Made some great memories with her and Bryce that will last a lifetime.
More laughs, than I think I can count!
So grateful for family, and for friends that I am pretty sure were supposed to be family:)

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