Sunday, October 27, 2013

Road Tripin'

 This past Saturday we headed down to SLC for some car shopping!
Ryan has been wanting/needing a new car, so we crammed the family in his little civic, and headed down. I have been learning to knit from a sweet friend of mine, and sort of felt like my mom with this in my hand:

The kids and I spent the day with Hanna, while Ryan and Sandy went around looking for a car for Ryan. After a few hours he had found the one! Of course car shopping takes awhile so it made for a late night, but we sure had fun figuring out all the new things of his new car!

Ryan is the most selfless person I know. I really need to learn from him.
He really hesitated getting this car. Saying he didn't need it, he wanted me to have the better car, But this guy works so hard for us, he deserves to commute in comfort.
So glad he listened to me and treated himself.
Love you Ry!

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