Friday, November 15, 2013


 I get a little nostalgic when I think about this little girl heading off to school in less than a year.
 She has been my little buddy, just me and her for the past 3 years.
Before that I had 3 little buddies, and before that, 4!
It's going to be so wierd when I don't have any at home with me during the day!
I often think what will I do with myself?!
But then I think of all the project I would like to do, and pretty quickly I can fill those hours with ease.

There will be more time for this!
I love this quote.
All too often I get the "you're crazy" "you're obsessed". Most of the time I can brush it off, but every now and then I get pretty bugged by these comments. There are PLENTY of worse things I could be doing with my time, and for the most part it's an hour of my day. I don't get how one hour of my day makes me an addict, or obsessed?! But I guess I am a different breed. Cause I love it. It truly is my passion, and a refuge. Other forms of exercise I like, but running I love.
I might become a different breed as I try my hand in a few duathalons this coming spring and summer, and my first ever TRI. Ryan thinks I'll convert... we shall see!:)

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