Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving week.
We started it off by spending tuesday and Wednesday in Logan.
We had a dinner with Ryan's family, visited Grandma Lucy and Sunny, and watching movies!
I got to escape and go to a movie with my cousins Heather and Tina. Just love those girls!
Wednesday before we headed back we had lunch with them as well.

We got back in time to get ready for the next day, and for all my family coming in that night!
Hanna, and sandy, Joey and Jessica, Sadie, and James came and spent the holiday weekend with us.
Thursday morning we all headed down to the Race to feed the hungry.
It was a little chilly that morning, but a good time none the less. Everyone ran the 5k, while I did the 10K. There was a ton of people and it was a beautiful race along the river.

We had a wonderful dinner ate yummy food! Played games, then TRIED to go see Frozen... but it was all sold out.:(
Ryan and Sandy left Friday morning to head down to Arizona (Ryan's work) while the rest of us spent the day shopping and doing a lot of this:

Saturday we were finally able to make it back to the movie, and this time we got in... 3 shows after we intended to go watch! We did a little shopping until our show time . Then headed back for the much anticipated movie.

We all LOVED it!
We came straight home and downloaded the music and have been singing it ever since!
Highly recommend seeing it if you haven't.
It was sad to see everyone go Sunday afternoon. We had so much fun having family around.

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