Saturday, June 21, 2014


 This summer I was able to go Summit for Beachbody. I had the best time! Love this company, love the people I've been able to meet through being a coach.

One of the funnest parts of Summit was the main sessions. Tons of motivating talks, and stories of successful coaches. 

The highlight of the trip was running into friends from my Chicago days and working at the gym. Kristina is really part of the reason that I even joined Beachbody. She's a huge inspiration to me, and a great friend.

And then there was the HUGE live workouts with the trainers was a blast. So much energy, so much fun, and never have I worked out with so many people 6,000+

I love that this company is all about people, and bettering their lives. That is why I was drawn to it, and why I decided to be a part of it.
Next year, Nashville baby:)

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