Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Because Ryan and I were married 5 years before any of our siblings, the closest age of relatives for my children are my sisters Annie who is 7, and Sadie who is 12. My children love them to death! This last trip to Alaska was so much fun for all of them! Caden was very sad to leave his two aunts, which he thinks are his cousins, not my sisters, "cause you're old mom and they aren't" as I am told. Kylee and Brandon loved Sadie. They made her take them on rides to see the animals about as many times as they could get out of her. Caden and Annie were like two peas in a pod! He's so easy going, her bossing him around didn't bother him one bit! They both are so good with kids, and even though it's years away, they will both make great mothers someday! Because they took such good care of my kids it was extra hard to leave the help behind. I'm feeling a little lost without them! I'm now saving my money to bring them down here for a little vacation.... love you girls!!


The Belchers said...

I'm glad we have blogs! Your kids are so cute... I love Brandon's hair.

Sandy said...

I love the blog!! Now I can stalk your adorable family on a daily basis...yeah! It was good talking to you today, it sounds like you are loving MN and having a great summer. We miss you guys.