Monday, August 13, 2007

So On Tuesday night we just got back from our almost month long vacation to Alaska! It was so much fun and great to be with family and have tons of help with the twins. Ryan came up towards the end of the trip for a week for my sister Holly's wedding.

The kids absolutely loved it, and thought that since they were at grandma and grandpa's house bedtime did not apply! Which is making the adjustment to being back home all the more fun!

We had beautiful weather and were able to do lots of hiking in MOUNTAINS, and on the glacier, and river rafting, in glacier cold water! Even though I shivered the whole time it was a blast! I always love going home to the beauty of Alaska. Being away from it makes me appreciate this beautiful earth all the more!


shae :) said...

I'm glad to see your blogging. That way we can see whats going on with you and your family. Just a some advice that my friends and sister-in-laws gave me. Never put your full names, just int's. Like K and R went to the park. I guess people can take your identy. I still haven't gotten around to changing my web page, because I like it. But I guess your not suppose to put your last name in it either. Ex shanna's blogg. You don't have to take my advice. I didn't completey change mine when people to me. I just thought I'd pass it on for your information.

Lucia said...

Hey Katie!!!! I´m so glad that you wrote me and that I can know what´s going on with your life. I´m also glad that I have your contact I might give you a call this week to say Hi.

Bowdy and Stephanie Gardner said...

Hey Katie-
This is STephanie Gardner. Kassie told me you have a blog. We just started one too. We would love to keep in touch with you guys. Even though we were so busy in Chicago, it was so fun to still have you guys in our ward! Check us out at

Bowdy and Stephanie Gardner said...

By the way, love your new home. And your kids look adorable and so grown up! We have alittle girl on the way! She is due in October!