Sunday, August 12, 2007

We are now bloggers!

So I thought that we should jump on board and start one of these things, so that we can share what our family has been up to the past months, or years! So much has happened the last few months, our life has been hectic!

Our little family started, 5 years ago last May when Ryan and I got married in the Logan Utah Temple. Shortly after we packed up and headed east to West Lafayette, where Ryan went to school for his MBA. While living there we welcomed Caden to the family, all 10 lbs 13 oz of him!

In May of 04' we moved to Lisle, Il where Ryan started working for Jewel, a division of Albertsons. After searching for a house to buy, we settled for a town house about 15 min east of Lisle in Clarendon Hills. It was a great starter home and really enjoyed our time there. We welcomed 2, yes... two new additions to out family, Kylee and Brandon Ellis July 25, 2005. They have sure taught us patience and how to not care if you have snot or drool running down your clothes at all times! We met some great people and have created lasting friendships. We thought the job would eventually take us back out west, seeing that Albertsons Headquarters was in Boise, ID. But last June Albertsons sold to Supervalu, a company based out of Minneapolis, MN, so a year later here we sit and live!

We moved to Chaska MN a suburb outside of Minneapolis and are loving it. We moved the middle of May and are loving the space! it's nice to be in a real house and not a small town house( and for about the same cost!) The kids are loving the backyard and Caden is having a blast with the neighbor kids. It seems like we live in a neighborhood full of 4 and 5 year olds, and most of them are boys! We have the elementary in our backyard which will definitely come in handy when I have school age kids! (The scary thing is that's only a year away...) We are also really enjoying all the summer activities and the abundance of lakes! There are so many to choose from it get confusing sometimes! Ryan has been wake boarding quite a bit this summer, and gets the urge to want to buys all the summer toys! It seems like every other person owns a boat around here!

So that is us in a quick recap! I'm sure there will be tons more to write as a get used to this!

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