Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pumpkin Patch!

Kids playing in the hay bails

Caden trying to find the perfect pumpkin!

All the kids and me!

Kylee taking a ride in the wagon!
So I finally am posting again, something has been seriously wrong with my computer and wouldn't let me upload any pictures. And without the pictures, it's just not as interesting!
Last Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch and the kids loved it! They thought it was the greatest thing to get to pick out their own pumpkins. On top of that it was a beautiful day. So far the weather here hasn't been too bad, but i hear it's coming! I'm really not ready for the winter! I wish it could stay this fall weather for the remainder of the winter...oh well! Time to get my break fro my kids, me and a friend are swapping, so I get a three hour break, and don't want to loose a minute of it, so I'll post all the Halloween stuff later today!


Bowdy and Stephanie said...

Looks like fun! I love fall activities! I gained a new respect for you after having my baby! Would be hard with no mom close by and you having twins! You are wonder woman!

The Belchers said...

Your kids are SO cute- It makes me miss them when I see these pictures.

Simmons fam said...

Hey Katie! We have been wondering what the heck you guys have been up to. Mick tried to call Ryan's cell phone awhile back but it was disconnected. We will need the new one. Yea for blogs! I can't believe the twins are so big now and Caden...Oh my gosh! Such a cute family. So are you back in Indiana?